The Story

Spektrum Fondsmæglerselskab A/S is an investment management firm, and we advise and manage funds for large and medium-sized investors. Spektrum originates from Kirstein A/S, which has existed since 1993 and now functions as Spektrum’s sister company. Spektrum emerged from Kirstein A/S and received authorisation as an asset manager in 2017.

Kirstein A/S was established by Jesper Kirstein, who is now a board member of the company and CEO of the concern.

The purpose of establishing Spektrum was to be able to offer medium-sized investors the services and investment products of the same quality to which the largest investors have access. Jesper Kirstein says:

"Through 25 years of experience with advising pension companies, etc., we were have witnessed how medium-sized investors are not offered the same opportunities to have their funds managed professionally as the largest investors. Therefore, Spektrum’s main agenda is to offer professional advice to investors that are not necessarily professional by definition of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority."

Koncerndiagram til Spektrum hjemmeside

Spektrum’s story begins in 1993 and has its foundation in financial advisement. Shortly hereafter, our business area was broadened to include pension analysis, and we became the first in Denmark to collect accounting data from pension companies. This means that we are the only company with accounting data on all Danish pension companies since 1990.

Our focus on pension companies naturally led to interest in asset management and mutual funds, and we started analysing real return data for investment funds in Denmark. Likewise, we were the first to conduct structured global searches and analyses of asset managers for institutional investors. In parallel with this, we began to advise small and medium-sized institutional investors on investment strategy, selection of managers, etc.

In 2014, we established a number of mutual funds under the name K Invest, which is first and foremost an offering for Spektrum’s asset management clients. K Invest includes the best Danish and international investment strategies within a number of asset classes.

In May 2015, Kirstein A/S opened a subsidiary in Boston to strengthen our selection and monitoring of US asset managers. The Boston office is available to Spektrum and helps service our customers.

Søren Dal Thomsen is the CEO of Spektrum, and Andreas Weilby COO.


We support Mtoto Tanzania

At Spektrum we believe that we have a societal and social responsibility to our community, and we want to contribute to the world around us. We have always been dedicated to educational matters, as our company is fully based on knowledge.

Spektrum's business is run by our employees' knowledge which, of course, is rooted in their education, and that is precisely why we want to help improve the education of others. We also consider it our responsibility to help children and young adults who do not have the same educational opportunities as we did. That is why we have chosen to support Mtoto Tanzania – a non-profit Danish organisation that funds the daily operations of an orphanage and supports the children's education.

Mtoto Tanzania seeks to improve the lives of poor children in Tanzania. They provide care and attention in orphanages that they have built with the prospect of better living standards, the opportunity to go to school and to get an education and a brighter future. Mtoto offers the children both educational and mentoring programmes that give them the opportunity to attend school and improve their personal development. The projects are situated around northern Tanzania in Usa River, Arusha in corporation with the local community that helps run the daily operations. We support Mtoto Tanzania by funding monthly rent and the education of two children.

The two children that we sponsor are Jonas and Nengarivo. Both children come from very poor families, and they have both lost their parents at an early age.