Investment Management

The purpose of Spektrum’s investment management is to ensure the greatest possible return with a risk profile that matches the individual client’s needs and wishes. In a close partnership with you as a client, we construct the right investment strategy and select the best products for your portfolio.

We create value:

1.   Through investment strategies that are based on trends among the largest investors in Denmark

2.   By making very few tactical changes to your portfolio

3.   Through widespread investments among some of the world’s best managers

As a client in Spektrum you choose which bank or financial institution you prefer to administer your deposit. This means that you can maintain partnership with your current bank, and that we can concentrate 100% on creating the most value from your capital. Additionally, the costs you pay are a combination of a fixed fee and a fee related to the return your capital delivers; there are no hidden costs with us. In most cases, our fee is earned back in savings.

We have more than 25 years of experience in advising the largest pension companies in Denmark, and we can therefore create portfolios with the same quality and diversity in asset classes as the leading investors. In other words, we bring institutional quality to all our clients.

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Head of Sales
Phillip Garde
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