Spektrum's Mutual Funds

Spektrum offers specialised mandates, called K invest, that are established in the mutual fund Investin. This is targeted to clients who wish to put together their portfolio themselves.

The mutual funds are invested in a wide range of asset classes within equities, bonds and alternatives. Each fund is managed by an asset manager that Spektrum considers the best in the world within the given asset class. The different asset managers are selected on the basis of an in-depth selection process and are thereafter continuously and systematically monitored. We can choose to replace a manager at any time if they fail to perform, or if we have reason to believe that they will not perform in the future. We are able to choose freely between all asset managers, creating security for you as a client.

In the mutual funds, we pool together our clients’ total investments, resulting in significant economies of scale. This way, we can negotiate prices based on a very large volume instead of merely each individual client. This means significant cost savings for you as a client.

Nykredit Portefølje Administration manages all our mutual funds. This means less and cheaper administration for you as a client.

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Jakob Hommel
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Spektrum's Mutual Funds

All our funds are represented below. Please click on their icons to find more information about the specific funds. Please note that you will be redirected to a Danish page.

Global Equity III
Global Equity IV
Emerging Markets Equity
US Small Cap Equity
High Yield
Emerging Market Debt
Inflation Link Bonds
Senior Bank Loans