As of 1 January 2021, Spektrum Fondsmæglerselskab A/S and Secure Fondsmæglerselskab A/S merge and form Secure Spektrum.


 “We are happy and proud of today’s establishment of Secure Spektrum. We experience that the demand for independent asset managers is increasing, and when an opportunity arose to merge Secure with Spektrum, it was an obvious choice,” says Jan Grænge, ​​CEO of Secure Spektrum.

“Based on a number of criteria, our companies are a perfect match. We share the same vision and core value of delivering unique solutions to our customers—based on independent advice. In addition, the companies are complementary, i.e. virtually without overlap, and this provides us with a clout that benefits our customers, employees and shareholders,” says CIO Søren Dal Thomsen.

It has been agreed that CEO Jan Grænge and CIO Søren Dal Thomsen are equal senior directors in the day-to-day management. Jan Grænge will be CEO with responsibility for the entire organisation, while CIO Søren Dal Thomsen will have the group responsibility for investments and customer relations, and CFO Signe Kjær Hansen will be responsible for finance and compliance.


“To Spektrum, Secure represents an attractive platform. We have previously had to say 'no' to some customers, because we have not had the right setup for them. Going forward, that will no longer be an issue. One example is that we have customers who wish to invest directly in properties, and for this, Secure has a well-functioning setup, which will benefit our customers greatly,” Søren Dal Thomsen says.

“For Secure's customers, the merger means that they will get access to investment products and managers, which until now have been reserved for the largest institutional investors, and thereby, our offer to our customers will be complete,” Jan Grænge says.


Secure Spektrum is one of the largest investment service companies (er det det korrekte ord for fondsmæglerselskab, eller ville I bruge stockbroker eller noget andet?) in Denmark and the leading provider of independent advice and tailor-made investment solutions. The vision is to provide the best solutions to customers by giving them unique access to the best products within the most attractive asset classes. In Secure Spektrum, transparency is crucial, and as a customer, you are never in doubt about how much you pay or what you pay for.

The customer’s interests are the core of the business, and Secure Spektrum can provide the best solutions because it has:

  • The market's widest product range of both liquid and alternative investment opportunities of the highest quality.
  • A volume of DKK 42bn under advice. This provides economies of scale that benefit customers so that they only pay fees on a par with the largest international pension funds. The significant volume also provides access to the most attractive global quality funds which deliver the best returns on the market.
  • A unique reporting system and a strong administrative platform.


“Our ambition is to be the natural choice for organisations and individuals with a fortune (er ikke sikker på, hvad man kalder mennesker med en formue). By joining forces, we get Denmark’s strongest platform for independent asset management, and hence, we are a genuine alternative to the big banks,” Søren Dal Thomsen and Jan Grænge conclude.


If you have any questions about the merger, feel free to contact us.

CEO Jan Grænge, ​​Secure Spektrum, tel. +45 20 60 65 01

CIO Søren Dal Thomsen, Secure Spektrum, tel. +45 33 18 99 65